Douro Acima offers a variety of tourism and catering services. It has been focused on the organisation and marketing of tourism tours in Portugal since 1997.

The company currently has a fleet consisting of six vessels built according to the traditional Rabelo model, which were once the main mode of transport for precious barrels of port.

Over the last 16 years the company has become one of the leading tour operators on the Douro, providing a quality service whether between Porto and Gaia, passing under the six bridges, or upriver to Régua, Pinhão, Pocinho or Barca D'Alva.

The group also owns the famous Chez Lapin restaurant, located in the heart of the Ribeira district of Porto, as well as Vitorino and Downing Street, spaces that work as one big family and are managed with a deep sense of welcoming with open arms all visitors, salespersons, customers, friends.

It is also the official representative in Portugal of the City Sightseeing international brand. The company operates with panoramic double-decker buses in six cities nationwide: Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro, Funchal, Sintra and Albufeira. In terms of road transport, we also offer a fleet of long distance tourism buses, providing safe and comfortable journeys.

More recently, Douro Acima has focused on the magnificent city of Aveiro and the boats that made history there. It has invested in cruises on the Ria de Aveiro, with the colourful Moliceiros boats.