Special moments - 

Commemorate a special moment in your life with the beautiful and historic River Douro as the backdrop.


Porto from within... - 

Get to know Porto travelling along the River Douro, climbing the steep streets or travelling through the estuary. Three proposals from Manuel Almeida...


DouroAcima in Madeira - 

Manuel Almeida creates new tourism circuits in Funchal


Cultural cruises - 

DouroAcima uses its eight boats to organise cultural cruises on the River Douro


DouroAcima - 



DouroAcima - 

Growth on three fronts


Chez Lapin - 

From barn to...
The history of a restaurant


On-board socialising - 

Estiva Quay, Pra├ža da Ribeira, 20:30 at night. The guests start to arrive in small groups...


The revolution of the aprons at Ribeira - 

Chez lapin is a must visit for those who appreciate good traditional food.